I'm under CONSTRUCTION!!!!
...But you can still look!

Ok, this modest little page is on it's way.  I don't have the BEST of equipment to use, so bear with me here!

Listen to my theory: Ryoga Hibiki and Ryuu Kumon from Ranma 1/2..... are Unofficial brothers!!!

Also, I've got reviews from anime movies!!!  Which ones?!  The one's I can get my hands on, of course!!!

Want to know the basic story behind some of the most popular anime?  I have a special section called "Bottom Line"  That gives you the lowdown on them.

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A nice quote:

  "If I gave you my name, you'd get it dirty!"

Gourry Gabriev from "Slayers"

WOW!  You can E-Mail me!   SS4 Hiruna@AOL.com

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