"You don't know me...  No one does."

Who am I?

   If you clicked on this by accident, I'm sorry, but this is my way of getting to know the very few people visiting my page!
    I'm an poor little 18 year old loser from the Midwest(no, I wasn't raised on a farm) with nothing better to do!  When I'm not out, I'm at home, listening to TooL and Slayer and guzzling bottles of Yoo-Hoo while working on this page.
    I am also a big anime/manga fan, (although some arrogant individuals decided to call me a poser since I don't know any Japanese) with some of my favorites being Ranma 1/2, Slayers, Gunsmith Cats, and Dragon Ball Z, among many others.
    Also, (after being rejected by the Anime Turnpike multiple times) I decided to work on a website dedicated to Hikaru Gosunkugi, one of my favorite anime characters.  I'll put it in the anime links section when I'm done with it.***
    ***Unfortunately, I have ditched this idea, and I am currently trying to put together a hentai site.  I can't put the link here, so you'll have to mail me for the address.
    I also draw a comic called "Antithesis".  The closest series you could describe it to is Dragon Ball Z.  Although I suck at drawing, I continue nonetheless.  Maybe I can put some pics in here when I get a scanner...

 Hiruna's Profile
    On this page is the profile for my role-playing character, Hiruna.  He also appears in "Antithesis", but his background is a bit different in the comic.  If I happen to get more scans, I'll post them up.

    Anyway, enough of my babbling, I just want to say thanx for visiting this page.  If you have any ideas or you want to submit something, like a picture you drew or fanfic etc. etc., just drop me a line  and I'll be glad to put it up.  I can make this site grow with a little help!
    By the way, don't tell me this site sucks, because I already know that!
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