<----Follow this Dragoon to Teckencar's Warzone, a battlefield of anime/ ICP pics (My personal fave being the first ^_^, but enough of me!).

<----Ninja girl has no place to go  ;_;!  Give her a place to go!

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<---WOW!  This knight's happy!  Not as happy as KasumiFire's page, "Anime Unlimited!  Click him and take a look for yourself!

<---Anime turnpike.  The biggest anime page I know.  Need I say more?

  (Oooo, pretty button...)  <----Otakuworld's got lots of odds and ends relating to anime, plus the section on import games!  Yippee!  Look at me cheer!

<----Grrr...  3 More and I would've caught them all... 

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